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Also serving Chandler, Mesa, Queen Creek and surrounding areas

Arguably the most important responsibility that you have is the safety, well-being and welfare of your child.  When relationships end or marriages dissolve it can make things much more difficult for you and your child.

At Zachary Law Group we understand what you are going through.

In any child custody situation, there are three things that the parties or a court must resolve; legal decision making, parenting time and financial support for the child.

  • Legal Decision-making is a determination as to who will make the major decision for the child in areas such as education, dental and health care and religious practices.
  • Parenting Time dictates the days or times of the day when the child will be in the care of a particular parent.
  • Child support is an important component of any child’s life.  The reality is that caring for a child requires financial support.

When you are faced with having to make these important decisions regarding your precious child, you need to have the right lawyer working for you.  Zachary Law Group is that law firm.

Steven Zachary has over 26 years of legal experience and is considered a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

To help you through this tough time, Zachary Law Group provides valuable financial arrangements to pay for your legal representation. We do not surprise you with an ever increasing legal bill that in some cases have resulted in parents being unable to continue to fight for the rights of their children.

Instead, at Zachary Law Group we provide a fixed fee for our work on your case.

You can email, fax, call or even receive an in-person meeting to have your questions and concerns addressed without wondering how much it will cost you.

We, at Zachary Law Group, are dedicated to helping you create a life in which your children can be safe, healthy and grow up to be happy adults.

Call today to set up your free consultation at 480-389-3533

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