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Maricopa County Superior Court

In Maricopa County/ East Valley, your case might be in:

Maricopa County Superior Court South East Facility (SE). That court hears Family Law Cases and Felony cases.

A case brought by DCS (CPS) will be in the Southeast Facility (JUV SE/SEJ).  Misdemeanor cases are heard in either

Municipal Court (Gilbert Municipal Court, Chandler Municipal Court, Mesa Municipal Court) or

Justice Court (Highland Justice Court, East Mesa Justice Court, North Mesa Justice Court, West Mesa Justice Court, Highland Justice Court, Kyrene Justice Court, San Tan Justice Court, San Marcos Justice Court, University Lakes Justice Court)

In Pinal County/ East Valley, Family Law and Felony Cases are heard at the Pinal County Superior Court.

Like Maricopa County, Pinal County/East Valley has both

Municipal Courts (Apache Junction Municipal Court, Maricopa Municipal Court, Casa Grande Municipal Court and

Justice Courts (Apache Junction Justice Court, Casa Grande Justice Court, Maricopa Stanfield Justice Court)

At the Maricopa County, South East Facility (Called SEF) is where Felony Early Disposition Court (EDC) is held.  These is where the court believes that plea negotiations will resolve the case early.

Plea bargaining is encouraged in EDC. It is important to have a skilled attorney representing you at EDC.  That person is better able to know if the plea offer given by the state is the best the state can offer.

At times, the prosecutor does not give the best offer; or if your attorney can provide reasons why the prosecutor should give a different offer, you might be able to receive a more favorable outcome.

Also, is certain plea arrangements, the judge has the say in the length of probation or if you will receive jail or prison time.  You need an attorney who can present the best argument for the most favorable outcome.

Nationally ranked attorney, Steven Zachary will bring his 30 years of legal practice to assist you in getting the best possible outcome in your case. Place your freedom in the hands of someone you can trust!

Maricopa County Superior Court Location in Mesa, Arizona

Southeast Regional Court Center

222 E Javelina Ave

Mesa, AZ 85210

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