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Mesa AZ

Attorney in Mesa, AZ

Family Law Mesa AZ Trusts: Zachary Law Group

For those undergoing a divorce or negotiating child custody, life can be stressful. At Zachary Law Group, PLC, we know these and related areas of family law, so we understand how to alleviate some of that stress. Similarly, if you’ve experienced trouble on the road and need a reputable DUI attorney in Mesa, AZ, a simple call to our legal team makes it possible.

Mesa, AZ Lawyer can help you in court

We Serve All Your Legal Needs

In our decades of experience, Zachary attorneys have helped clients with all areas of family law, DUI law, domestic violence, criminal defense, bankruptcy, drug law, and estate planning. We give you the personal legal attention you need in Mesa, and we offer a free initial consultation to help you feel at home with us.

Giving Back

At Zachary Law Group, we want to honor those who work so hard to make our community better. To that end, we offer a 10% discount for all clients who have been honorably discharged from the service, as well as first responders (firefighters, police), clergy, nurses, and teachers. Thank you for your sacrifices on our behalf!

The Zachary Difference

We know that understanding your rights and legal responsibilities is sometimes a complicated matter. Let us make the process easier by offering you a free 30-minute consultation. We are available to listen, advise, and help you with all the details of your case—including information on all Mesa court systems and locations.

Because your life is busy, we want to be available when it’s most convenient for you—and that includes evenings and weekends. It’s one way we show you that your time and resources matter.

There is a difference in family law. Mesa, AZ clients trust Zachary Law Group for its personal attention and results-driven focus. Call 480-389-3533 today about any legal issue or to set up a free consultation

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