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Criminal Defense Lawyers and Attorneys in Gilbert and Mesa AZ

criminal-defense-lawyer-01Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers and Attorneys in Gilbert and Mesa, Arizona 

If you are facing criminal defense charges in Arizona, it is important to understand your rights. You are not required to speak to police officers, state prosecutors, or investigators without first seeking legal counsel. Do not make any official statement to police officers, prosecutors, or investigators before consulting with a lawyer. Furthermore, you are legally afforded the right to seek legal representation if you are facing criminal charges. Police officers, prosecutors, and investigators sometimes use several tactics in order to obtain confessions. Police sometimes isolate individuals, accuse individuals of guilt, and then offer lesser charges if the individual confesses. Having a criminal defense lawyer present during questioning can protect you from these tactics and can help ensure you a fair trial. Whether you are being charged for a DUI, traffic violation, a drug crime, or sex crime, it is important to remember that anything you say to police can be used against you in court on your trial date. Police officers are also not prohibited from lying to you. While they are not officially allowed to threaten or make promises they cannot keep, interrogations sometimes use the gray area between truth and deception, where these lines can be crossed. The only way to properly protect yourself is to seek the counsel of a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona. The Zachary Law Group has over 25 years of experience protecting individuals who have been accused of a DUI, drug crime, violent crime, sex crime, white collar crime, juvenile crime, or any other crime or misdemeanor.

DUI Defense Law in Arizona 

While no one should ever drink and drive, sometimes mistakes happen, and people misjudge how intoxicated they really are. The legal intoxication limit in Arizona is 0.08%. (If you are under the age of 21, Arizona has a zero tolerance for alcohol, meaning that if your blood alcohol level is over 0%, you will be considered to be intoxicated while driving.) A person who is found to be driving over the legal limit is guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor. Arizona has an implied consent law, meaning that if you operate a motor vehicle in the state, you have implicitly consented to take any chemical or breathalyzer test administered to you. If you refuse to take such a test, your license can be automatically suspended and you will be subject to a fine.

The consequences of driving while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs can be rather severe. Even a first-time offender can face up to 10 days in jail. First time offenders also face fines and penalties as well as license suspensions of up to one year. Furthermore, offenders may be required to use ignition interlock devices in their vehicles following the license suspension period. This device requires individuals to submit to a breathalyzer test before the car will start. The placement of this device in a person’s car essentially means that the person will be subject to a breathalyzer test each and every time he or she tries to get behind the wheel of his or her vehicle. Finally, individuals may also be required to serve court-ordered community service.

If you have been accused of a DUI, your freedom, your driving license, your money, and your time is on the line. It is important to find an experienced criminal lawyer who can help evaluate the circumstances of your case. In some cases, sentencing, revocation time, and fines can be reduced. Contact the Zachary Law Group today if you face DUI charges in Gilbert and Mesa, Arizona. We can help!

Accused of a Crime or Misdemeanor in Arizona? 

If you have been accused of violent crime, robbery, assault, theft, or arson, it is important to remember that an accusation is not a conviction. You need a criminal attorney to help litigate your case. While you might feel frightened, and isolated during this trying time, it is important to remember that you are not alone! We can help ensure that evidence used against you was legally obtained, interview witnesses who can support your case, and help you build the strongest criminal defense possible. We work tirelessly to negotiate with prosecutors and understand the whole story, to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome for your case. 

Officers sometimes make mistakes during investigations and don’t always follow proper procedures for gathering evidence. We can ensure that evidence used in court was properly and legally obtained. In some cases, prosecutors don’t want to tax the system with needless judicial processes. In these circumstances, it is sometimes possible to negotiate a reduced sentence. You need a criminal defense attorney or criminal defense lawyer who has the skill to help you negotiate the legal system. The Zachary Law Group is here to help.

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