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Family Lawyers in Queen Creek, Chandler and Mesa, AZ


If you are facing a family law matter in Queen Creek, AZ, Zachary Law Group, PLC is here to help. Any family matter can be stressful and difficult to resolve without the help of an experienced family attorney, but with Zachary Law Group on your side, rest assured the best possible solution for your case will be attained.

Understanding Arizona Divorce Laws

Divorce laws are complex and difficult to navigate, but with Queen Creek and Mesa divorce attorney Steven Zachary on your case, you will never be left in the dark about your case. Attorney Zachary will handle every detail of your case, from helping you file the dissolution of marriage petition to serving as a mediator between you and your spouse. He will thoroughly explain what your rights are during divorce and what you can expect throughout proceedings.

In Mesa and Queen Creek, AZ, there are two types of marriages, covenant and non covenant.  The requirements for filing a divorce are different depending on your marriage. Queen Creek divorce lawyer Steven Zachary has over 25 years of experience in successfully resolving dissolution of marriage cases and will help you come to a smooth and favorable solution. Divorces can get messy and complicated, and  many times, one spouse may try to deny the other their rightful property or benefits. Rest assured that with Zachary Law Group on your case, this will never happen. Our firm is committed to protecting your rights and will fight for a fair resolution for your divorce case.

Child Custody

When it comes to child custody, even the most minor of disagreements can tear a family apart. Arizona has recently adopted new custody laws which encourage joint parenting efforts and provide both parents with the same rights over visitation. When determining child custody arrangements, Family Courts always consider what is in the best interest of the child. One parent will not be preferred over the other solely because of their gender.

Unless one parent shows they are unfit to care for the child or display a history of physical, verbal or sexual abuse, one parent will usually be given primary physical custody, called “parenting time,” which will be the child’s primary residence, while both will share legal custody, known as “legal decision-making authority,” which allows parents to make important decisions such as health, education and personal care matters. However, there are times when one parent doesn’t obtain a fair custody arrangement and may even be accused of harmful behavior fraudulently. If this has happened to you, rest assured our family law attorneys will protect your rights and help you appeal the court’s decision.

Your Needs Come First

At Zachary Law Group in Mesa, fulfilling your needs is our top priority. We know that a divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences for a family, so we do everything in our power to help you and your loved ones overcome your struggles. There are many matters that need attention during a dissolution of marriage, especially if a couple has children. It’s important not only to take each spouse’s needs into consideration, but those of the children as well. Family law attorney Steven Zachary offers personalized legal counsel to give your case the dedicated attention it deserves so you can end the conflict and move forward with your lives.

Turn to our family lawyers in Queen Creek and Mesa today for help with any of the following divorce and family law matters:

  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Postnuptial Agreements
  • No-Fault Divorce
  • At-Fault Divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Child Custody and Visitation Rights
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Property and Asset Division
  • Family Planning
  • Paternity
  • Guardianship
  • Mediation/Counseling
  • Estate Planning
  • Wills and Trusts 

Protecting Your Rights

Any divorce law case can begin amicably, with spouses agreeing to all aspects of the dissolution. Unfortunately, our 25 years of experience in family law have taught us that even the friendliest of couples can enter into heated and drawn-out battles over finances, property and especially child custody. There are times when one spouse may try to accuse the other of wrongdoing without any real merit, which hinders their chance of obtaining alimony or child custody. Steven Zachary and the family lawyers here at Zachary Law Group in Mesa will never allow your rights to be infringed upon. We will thoroughly evaluate your case and act as mediators between you and your spouse so a peaceful and fair resolution to your divorce or custody case can be attained.

Contact Zachary Law Group in Queen Creek and Mesa, AZ today and let us help you resolve your divorce or family law matters quickly and successfully. We offer FREE consultations and will protect your rights throughout every step of your case.

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