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Gilbert Municipal Court

Gilbert Municipal Court (Also called Gilbert City Court) handles the following types of cases:


Misdemeanor criminal offenses, such as Driving Under the Influence, Shoplifting, Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Dog at Large, municipal code violations and commercial vehicle violations.

Protective orders, such as Orders of Protection and Injunctions Against Harassment

If the Gilbert Police Department charges you with a crime, you can go to the police station at 75 E Civic Center Drive, Gilbert, AZ 85296 (Next to the courthouse) and request a copy of the police report.  There is a charge and waiting period for receiving the report.  In your records request make sure to ask for a copy of body cam video or 911 call if there is any.

Prior to going to Gilbert Municipal Court you should familiarize yourself with the court.  The court has a website ( that can give you the information you need for court such as online forms.

The Gilbert Municipal Court has four criminal-case judges, one civil hearing officer, several pro tem judges, and an administrative staff to help meet customer needs efficiently:

Judge John Hudson, Presiding Judge

Judge Nicole Laurin-Walker, Associate Judge

Judge James Dunham, Associate Judge

Judge David Cutchen, Associate Judge

Judge Bruce Owens, Civil Hearing Officer).

Be prepared, be on time and dress appropriate for court (business casual is recommended).

Gilbert Municipal Court

55 E Civic Center Drive

Gilbert, AZ 85296

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