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Highland Justice Court

The Highland Justice Court is located at 55 E Civic Center Drive Gilbert, AZ 85296, which is the same building that houses the Gilbert Municipal Court.

Both courts hear misdemeanor charges.  The difference is what police agency cites you.  You will appear at Highland Justice Court if Department of Public Safety or the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office charges you with a crime.

The judge in Highland Justice Court is Judge Steven Urie who is a Justice of the Peace Judge.  He was elected by the citizens in his Justice Court district. Judge Urie has a law enforcement educational background and is a career politician serving on the Gilbert Town Council and the Arizona State Legislature. You can learn more about Judge Urie by going to his website here.

Given his background you should have a lawyer with you if you appear in his court.

Be prepared, be on time and dress appropriate for court (business casual is recommended).

Highland Justice Court

55 E Civic Center Drive

Gilbert, AZ 85296

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