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Mesa Municipal Court

Mesa Municipal Court (Also called Mesa City Court) hears misdemeanor cases (such as DUI, peace, petty theft, drunk driving with no injury to others, public drunkenness, simple assault and battery, and traffic violations) cited by the Mesa Police Department.

If the Mesa Police Department charges you with a crime, you can go to the police station at 120 N Robson Mesa AZ 85211 and request a copy of the police report.  There is a charge and waiting period for receiving the report.  In your records request make sure to ask for a copy of body cam video or 911 call if there is any.

Prior to going to Mesa Municipal Court you should familiarize yourself with the court.  The court has a website ( that can give you the information you need for court. Also, you should see what judge you have and do any research you can on that judge. There are seven Municipal Court Judges and one Commissioner at the Mesa Municipal Court.

Presiding City Magistrate J. Matias Tafoya (Arraignment Courtroom 202), Judge John Tatz (Arraignment Courtroom 203), Judge Valerye Boyer-Wells (Courtroom 302) Judge Michelle Lue Sang (Courtroom 303), Judge Lisa Johnson (Courtroom 304), Judge Craig Fujii (Courtroom 305), Judge Elizabeth Arriola (Custody Courtroom), and Commissioner Richard Garcia (Courtroom 101).

Be prepared, be on time and dress appropriate for court (business casual is recommended).

Mesa Municipal Court

250 E 1st Avenue

Mesa, AZ 85210



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